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Custom Upholstery, Reupholstery & Slip Covers Custom Upholstery, Reupholstery & Slip Covers

We use premium hardwood, hand tied coil springs and your choice of custom cushion filling. Our workmanship is guaranteed. Custom reupholstery is something everyone considers at one time or another. How does one know if reupholstery is appropriate for their furniture? If you have an older piece of furniture, itís usually worth having it reupholstered. "They don't make 'em like they used to'" so if it's old and comfortable, or you just like the look and style, itís worth recovering. You could purchase a new piece and most likely have to repair or replace it in three or four years, or for equal or less money you can restore and repair a quality piece to your specifications. We carefully remove existing fabric. Inspect the framework and tighten joints. Webbing and springs are retied and/or replaced. Finally, the cushions are replaced with your choice of new foam or down. THE RESULT: OLD WORLD CRAFTSMANSHIP WITH A BRAND NEW LOOK!

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